Review Management

Review Management.

  • Get Service Feedback
  • Collect Positive Reviews on Yelp or Google+
  • Invite to Survey via Text Messages and Email

Reviews are not easy to come by and you usually only get one shot. With our online survey it is easier for your clients to review your business. Worried about negative reviews? Survey results that are below average rating will be sent to you via email for internal use and training purposes. Above average ratings will redirect the surveyor to your Google+ or Yelp review page making it easier to collect positive reviews. Want to collect reviews in the field? Your technicians can fill out the online form via mobile device and invite customer to the online survey via email or text message.

Review Management - directory listings


  • SEO Optimized & Responsive Directory Listing
  • Dynamic Reviews from Facebook, Yelp or Google+
  • Important Back Links, Social Media, Directions, Services

There are several directory listings out there, many of them are even free (well, if you can withstand the occasional sales calls trying to sell you premium listings). But when was the last time you saw your directory listing come up in search results from say: or superpages? An outside listing can create a back link to your website which can help with your organic search results.The only relevant directory listings today seem to be Yelp and Google+. If you have a Yelp business page, you probably know about the dreaded review filter from Yelp and Google+ has now widely removed pages for businesses. Our directory can compile your reviews from Yelp , Google+ and Facebook as well create multiple back links for all your services and much more.

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