Web Design, Logo Design & Graphic Design in TX


Completed 05/08/2012

Client Kismet Virtual Assistants

Location Texas



Janja is truly a gem! I am amazed at the designs she is able to conjure up with only a few directions. She is easy to work with, honest and incredibly talented. I have worked with her personally and recommended her to clients. She always delivers.

Kismet Virtual Assistants

Kismet Virtual Assistants provides administrative, sales, marketing, creative and technical support to businesses. The client wanted a bright friendly website that would show the general mind-set: everyone has a purpose and everything happens for a reason.
We have designed a custom website, the logo and also a postcard design for a bracelet holder.


  • Responsive Web Design
  • SEO
  • Logo Design
  • Card Design
  • Business Set: Letterhead, Envelope and Business Card


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