Psychology Expert Website


Completed 01.25.20

Client Dr. Rappaport M.D.

Location Carlsbad, CA




Janja, It was a truly enjoyable and productive experience working with you in the creation of my new website. Your confidence, attention to detail, good humor and your advice guided me along the way in a task I expected to have to travel alone while being totally unprepared. Although I had many other talented people to choose from I was so fortunate to make a perfect match for my compulsive tendencies, and lack of skills, in this extremely important addition to my professional practice. Thank you.

Website design for psychology expert witness: Dr. Rappaport is a forensic psychiatrist who was looking to get his website mobile-optimized. He liked the design he had but it was not coded to adjust to mobile device sizes and was therefore not user-friendly. We coded his website to incorporate responsive website design practices while trying to keep his design mostly intact with some minor changes.

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