Do you really need a graphic designer?

If you are business owner, you have probably asked yourself the same question, especially when you first opened your doors. Many start-up businesses with a limited budget tend to go the do-it-yourself way, using free graphic design software or getting stock icons for their logo designs to save money. In the long run though, having poorly designed marketing materials not only waste your money, but can be inefficient as well and even portray your company as unprofessional.

What is graphic design? What does a graphic designer do?

Graphic Design - Logo Design VistaGraphic design is communication created with text and visual elements to represent an idea, concept, feeling or message.

A graphic designer is a professional artist trained in visual communication, layout and design as well as color theory and typography. They pay attention to where important elements should be placed on the page to stand out, make sure everything is aligned properly, visual appealing and that fonts and text-sizes are appropriate for its target audience. Why is that important?

Because your marketing material is your first impression.

As a consumer who is looking to spend money, I want to know that the company I give my money too will take the necessary steps to deliver a good product. Seeing a nicely designed brochure tells me that the company takes their business seriously and will go the extra way without taking shortcuts. Of course that isn’t always true and for lower end products it might not matter. If you have the cheapest product available, your design probably doesn’t make a difference in your sales as some people will shop only by the cheapest price.

But what if you are competing with several other companies that offer your services for less?

How do you set yourself apart from the “cheap” companies? As with so many businesses, “cheap” seldom comes in the same sentence with “good”. To compete with your competition, you will have to show that you are better, deliver better products and/or have better reviews.

Target the customer that will pick quality over price. How do you do that?

Look at the 2 designs (4 panel-gate fold brochure) below. There is nothing wrong with the first layout, right? But which one of these two would you give your business, especially if we are talking about a several thousand dollar project?


If both of these brochures were laid out at a store, which one would catch your eye? Even if you just glanced at it briefly? Considering that folded, you would only see the 3rd panel, can you still see the 4 main services the company offers without having to read the copy of the brochure?

The bottom line? If you are spending several hundred dollars for printing your brochures, you might as well make sure your design is worth spending that money. Having a professional designed brochure can bring you more exposure and conversions.

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