Make your Yelp business reviews count!

Good Reviews – Bad Reviews

In a world of ever-increasing numbers of businesses with websites, having customer reviews is one of the most important tools to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Reviews can make or break a business, and it makes you realize that you have to be very careful how you treat your clients. One small misunderstanding, or an employee having a bad day, can result in a bad review.

Let’s be honest, everybody makes mistakes and is it really fair that we don’t give them a chance to correct it?

In most cases, a good business owner will take care of their clients and make things right, even if it means they are losing money on a deal, rather than loosing a customer.

Unfortunately, these days some clients would rather just leave an anonymous bad review and never come back, instead of talking to the business owner and clearing up any misunderstanding. Because of that, it is even more important for any business to make the positive reviews count.

Yelp Reviews

Online rating websites like Yelp and Angie’s List have grown into a huge “word-of-mouth” database of business reviews, good or bad. While Yelp, for example, has come up with a filtering system to avoid competitors from posting bad reviews, or a “one-time-hater” to post a bad review, it can also prevent some authentic or good reviews from being shown.


Most likely causes for reviews being filtered

  • Are from someone who has only written 1 review.
  • Are from someone who has no profile info (profile photo, additional info, link to Facebook, etc.). 
  • Are strongly slanted both positively and negatively
  • Short and lacking details
  • From a location other than where the business is located

What you can do about it

  • Add the reviewer as a friend
  • Send the reviewer a message
  • Respond to the review (which you should do for all Yelp reviews anyway)
  • Vote the review as “Useful” or “Funny” or both

You only get ONE shot!

It’s hard enough to get your clients to take the time to write a review even if they were the happiest client you have ever had, but to get them to review you on different review sites is near impossible. So, if you get lucky and somebody wants to write a review about all the good experiences with you, you want to make sure the review will count and be visible to everyone.

Understanding the Yelp filter will help you direct your clients to Yelp or another review site instead. If you think your client might fit into the “accepted” range for yelp users, there are a few rules which are valuable for any review (even the ones not on Yelp).

Instruct your clients on the most valuable content for a profile and reviews for a business!

Profile: A good user profile includes a profile photo and info and ideally a link to a Facebook page etc.

Services: Most reviewers will talk about the interaction with the people of the business. Ideally though, they would write about what services they actually had done. Making a service searchable by search engines requires a reviewer to be detailed about actual services received. So, if you write about the great graphic design services you received and the stunning logo design, those words will be very valuable, since somebody would most likely search for “logo design in Vista”.


Location: Have you ever asked yourself, why on some Google searches, some Yelp listings come up and some don’t? Google filters the reviews of the yelp listings. So if your client wrote: “I searched everywhere for a graphic designer in Vista and finally found this business… – guess what?” Your Yelp listing will come up in the Google search results when searching for graphic design in Vista with the star rating.

So how do you get reviews?

Make it easy for your clients to review you. If you have just completed a service or sale, include a call-to-action to review you on your invoice, post links to your review’s sites into your emails, newsletters or other communication. Approach your regular clients and fans on Facebook to share their experiences with others. Most of the time, just asking nicely and using a little bit of discretion will work like a charm.

Sometimes getting a bad review cannot be avoided so your best offense is a good defense. Take some effort to get reviews from your clients, because having 1 bad review out of 2 is much worse than 1 bad review out of 20!

Make sense?

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