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Building a strong brand is important if you are starting a business in San Marcos, California. With the competitive market around San Marcos companies need to have a strong marketing plan in order to succeed. The first step to building this marketing plan is to plan out your graphic and logo designs accordingly.

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Here at Jewel Web & Design we put hours of work into each new graphic design or logo design that we create. We know just how important these graphic designs are to building your brand in San Marcos, and you can be sure that we will make each one perfect to suit your needs.

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San Marcos Graphic Design Services:

  • Logo Design
  • Posters
  • Business Sets
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Catalog Design
  • Info-graphics

Jewel Web & Design has been helping the businesses of San Marcos and surrounding areas for nearly 10 years with professional graphic and logo design — and getting your idea or product out to the world is what we do best.

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Your brands logo is what makes people think of your company on site. You need a professional graphic design that is pleasing to your customers. A good graphic design is relatable, readable, and recognizable. This is to say, it relates in that customers can guess at what your company does just by seeing your logo design. It also must be readable – no matter what the size, shape, or orientation is. This leads into recognizable, which means, it stands out from the crowd. A well-planned logo design will help to build more repeat customers for your San Marcos customer base.


Logo Design from $350

Includes 4 different initial logo ideas and 1 hour of refinement (Any work, thereafter based on hourly rate). You will receive your final logo in vector (Illustrator Files), jpg and png format (transparent background) for your advertising needs.




As a professional design company of over 10 years we know exactly what is needed to make your graphic design stand out. A strong design not only reminds a person of who you are, it can even make a person “see” “taste” “smell” or “feel” something. Take the San Marcos Starbucks brand logo for example. For regular customers, just seeing this logo will make them start to smell Starbucks coffee, and before long they will be in the store buying more. This tactic works with non-consumable products just as well. The trick is to use strong branding to build a loyal customer base.

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