E-Commerce Pricing

shopping-cart-ecommerce-websiteThere are several ways to sell products through your website. E-commerce shopping carts can be quite extensive and time-consuming. The deciding factor for which system is right for you usually depends on how many items you have for sale, what functionality you need and your budget. Read more about considerations for shopping carts.

E-Commerce WebsiteSimple PayPal or Buy Now Websites are perfect for selling less than 10 products that won’t need to change over time. These sites are not content management systems so you would need a web designer to add in new products and change them but if you have an unlimited amount products with stable pricing, this is the least expensive way to sell products. Products have buy-now button that links to the PayPal payment page.

PayPal E-commerce Shopping Carts are somewhat of a hybrid. You have the advantages of a full shopping cart without the set-up and account costs of the independent credit card options. We recommend this cart for companies that sell unique items, are a start-up company, are on a budget and have multiple products for sale. With this option you can always upgrade to the independent credit card processing at a later point in time.
Similar services to PayPal are Stripe, Simplify and Square.

E-Commerce WebsitePayPal Pro & PayPal Advanced are paid versions of PayPal credit card processing. There is a monthly fee for the gateway and processing service but it does allow you to have checkout on your own website as well as to print UPS and USPS shipping labels from your PayPal account. PayPal Advanced is a nice compromise between the free version and the more expensive Pro version.

E-Commerce WebsiteShopping Carts with Independent Credit Card Processing – E-commerce websites with independent credit card processing is perfect for high volume online stores or brands who want to keep the checkout process on their site. Most credit card processing companies offer added functionality like integration to QuickBooks and some even UPS shipping label printing. Payment processing companies usually charge a set-up fee as well as gateway and merchant account fees, which is separate from the website building costs. Most popular gateway processing companies are Authorize.net, Bluepay, Intuit Merchant Services and many more.

You can read more about considerations for shopping carts here.

* PayPal is a service that enables consumers to either pay with money they have on a PayPal account or to use their credit or debit cards. Consumers do not need to have a PayPal account to pay for products. The checkout procedure happens on the PayPal payment page. While credit card fees are usually higher, there is no account set-up or gateway fees for the standard accounts and PayPal takes care of the security. Credit card fees apply.

** Independent credit card processing requires you to sign up with a gateway processing service and to have a merchant account. Fees for these services can vary but there is usually a set-up fee as well as a monthly fee for gateway services and merchant account fees. In addition to that, you might be charged a PCI compliance fee and you should have a SSL certificate (can be obtained through your hosting company) to keep your customers sensitive information safe during check-out. Credit card fees apply.